A weekend with my camera

The sun came back! This was a pleasant surprise and so as to not forget that the sun can shine I decided to take a lot of pictures.


I have a camera. Now how do you use it?

A friend gave me my first opportunity to try out my camera at his show. It may have turned out better had I learned what all the buttons meant.

Hello you hilarious world you.

Why did I make this blog. Well I am a creative writing student, a very optimistic and happy one at that. I thought here would be a good place for me to write and share all the things that make me think ‘awww I love people.’ I want to get into travel writing and journalism so this will be a page to chronicle my adventures, show off my forays into the world of photography, which is a very new hobby and to share my excited, if a little clumsy adventures with cooking.

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